ARCHumankind goes to Turkey

ARCHumankind is happy to announce that Issue IV of “Syria, Break the Wall of Silence” is out now!

After many years of suffering and destruction, a photo of a three-year-old Syrian boy drowned in the Mediterranean, finally awoke everyone’s attention. Since the start of the war, ARCHumankind has always been concerned with the plight of the Syrian refugees. While European leaders are debating on how to relocate 120,000 migrants, only Turkey host 1.9 million refugees, and this is why one of the central topics in this issue will concern refugees in host countries. In August 2015, Laura Berlingozzi undertook a trip on behalf of ARCHumankind to Gaziantep in Southern Turkey to understand, see and experience, the living conditions the refugees are under, what relations are like with their host community, and what varies between different types of refugees. Then, among all the other interesting issues that are dealt with in the bulletin, we will discuss the EU perspective to the refugees’ crisis, the effectiveness of the US-led coalition and safe zones, the economic aspects of the Syrian war, Iran’s entanglement in the region and two personal stories, one of a Syrian opposition member, and the other one of four Italian social workers that accompanied a group of Syrian refugees from Sicily to Sweden.